Shaping yourself by incorporating education with sports

Posted On 2019-05-14 02:52:20

Shaping yourself by incorporating education with sports There is no denying to the fact that education is the primary necessity of every individual’s life. It serves as our base and we are endowed with the knowledge that will help us to conquer the odds in the long run. But in this era of hardcore competition, we tend to incline our children more towards education so that they can come out as the winner in every field. However, you must have heard that balance in everything is important. And so, a healthy balance between sports as well as education should be maintained. To assure, shaping yourself by incorporating education with sports is the best way. Education and sports are correlated! If education is the pillar of our life, then sports is the foundation that keeps the pillar intact. Both sports and education act as a catalyst that helps to make our life better. And, it is proven! Let’s check out the ways which prove that education and sports go hand in hand for creating an amazing individual. Starting with discipline While education will teach you to stay disciplined in old textbook methods, sports will help to practice it in real life. Education suggests you to act in a certain way that is appreciable and acceptable in society. Whereas, in sports, discipline is the main rule which cannot be broken. In both the fields, if you fail to abide by discipline, then the results are not fruitful. So, for being a better person, we cannot choose any one of these two

Why used books are a boon for the needy students and society?

Posted On 2019-05-14 03:06:24

Why used books are a boon for the needy students and society? The blessing of a prosperous life is not common to every person in this world. A major percentage of the population in this society deals with poverty and even struggles to get access to everyday necessities for sustaining. However, the right to get the education is common to all. So, if you are affluent enough, putting up old books for sale can help in spreading education in multiple ways. To help you understand the pros, here are some of the benefits of buying or selling second- hand books online. Save your money: Money is the most crucial matter when it comes to resale books online. Well, in this case, the books are already used. So, it can be a beneficial bargain as in some cases you can save as huge as 50% to 60%. Some books may cost a few thousand and it is basically not possible for a family with a low- income level to get a brand new book. But if you plan to go for a used one, then you can obtain a major discount on its existing price. Thus, it is a lucrative deal in every way. Contributing to keeping the Environment safe: When buy or sell old books online, you are not only saving your hard earned money but also helping to make the environment a better place to live. As you are opting for used books, you are automatically switching to the concept of recycling and thus, saving the trees as well as minimizing landfill waste. Get access to extra notes Marking, highlighting,