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Ever looked at your bookshelf and felt very satisfied thinking that’s a nice collection! Then looked at it again and realized you have space for no new additions to it? Then you arrive at a decision that perhaps you can trade some of the old collection for newer ones. DOXY books helps you Sell & Buy the old and used books.

It Books aims at solving the problems one often faces with their old books. Books possess a special place in everyone's life and just throwing it away is not possible. Even better, how about selling it to someone who is in need of it?

We help students & book sellers from all over the country to sell their books here at DOXY with a few EASY and convenient steps.

The best part is you can sell & buy old books that one might not find easily in the market.

If you have grown up loving books, then Doxy Books will seem like a paradise to you.

Here, you will find a huge collection of books that you can read and learn from. From school textbooks, completive books, to bestsellers, everything is in here.

Explore the section of books to choose one that you like. We at DOXY Books has categorically separated one book from the other based on the genre like business and management, children, college, competitive, fiction, spirituality, religious, textbooks, self improvement, fantasy, biography, engineering, and so on. The books that find their place here are not only in good and usable condition but they are sold at affordable prices.

If your book shelves lack the place to accommodate the books in your house, then contact Doxy Books.

Earn money by helping out someone who is in need of that particular book. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than knowledge. Doxy Books aims at helping students who are preparing themselves for the future.

Join us in the journey where knowledge and love for books will preside in your life