3 Easy steps to sell used Engineering Books

Are you an Engineering student? You might have finished reading the Engineering books you had once bought while pursuing your course. Even though it is a well-known fact that Engineer does need to study for one thing or the other all their lives, still there are some books that they just do not need after reading them once.

So, one question most of such Engineering students have in their minds is about what they should do with the Engineering books that they have bought while pursuing their course. Clearly, these books must have been bought at a high price. So, no one thinks of selling them in scrap. Neither it is easier for anyone in India to find a bookseller who can accept such books back, and that too, at a good rate.

What is the best way to sell used Engineering book?

Doxy Books is the unique platform where you can sell your used or old second-hand books.

This unique online platform has been designed to change the way of buying and selling used, old books, and earn good money in return. It is much better to sell old books to someone who is studying in the same college just as you once did, rather than just saving your old books forever in your bookshelves or selling it to scrap dealer.

You can sell your used or old Engineering book with Doxy books by these simple steps.

1. Hit at Submit Ad button, Enter the details of your old Engineering books. It is better to add at least two images of your old book.

2. Set the price you want to sell your old book at.

3. Submit the book-ad.

4. Just sit & relax interested buyer will contact you for buying your books.

Our objective is to make Book accessible to everyone who really wants to learn.